Successful Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social Media Marketing

A strong social media marketing campaign is a game changer for your brand’s online presence and marketing strategy. With 55% of consumers learning about new brands on social media platforms, having a social media presence is an opportunity you cannot miss.

With proven solutions and strategies to ensure that your company has an impactful presence on social media, #HelloYes Marketing has the answers you are looking for.

#HelloYes Marketing is an integrated agency that specialises in conceptualising and creating digital and traditionally innovative campaign strategies. One way that we can meet your digital marketing requirements is through our specialised social media marketing campaigns. #Results

Social media marketing for business

Social media marketing for business is not a digital marketing tool that should be overlooked. With 43% of users using social media networks to find more information on a brand and 58% of users globally preferring online shopping, it is more important than ever to have an online presence.

At #HelloYes Marketing we are the experts in creating and executing strategies in social media marketing.

Whether you are looking to increase sales, drive brand awareness, engage with your community or increase your online impressions, social media offers your brand a platform where you can talk to, engage and influence a new consumer market.

Here is how you can get started.

Why social media marketing is important

Social media marketing is an easy and effective way to ‘put your brand out there.’ It allows you an introduction to a new audience, attracts customers, gets consumer feedback and helps to build customer loyalty.

Having a social media presence allows you the opportunity to increase your market reach and attract potential international markets, giving you access to consumers you may not have had access to previously.

#HelloYes on-boarding process
● Develop a communication strategy with set objectives and goals
● Brand research both internally and externally
● Market research competitors and target audience
● Workshop to develop a communication and channel strategy with key pillars.
● A social media playbook will be developed with KPI’s

#HelloYes monthly process
● Present a themed content plan outline according to the communication pillars.
● Promote using paid media spend
● Optimise the content and paid media spend
● Survey the social media landscape for developments
● Analyze and measure the social media engagement success
● Monitor, refine and iterate the social media plan
● Report with recommendations if required

Let’s break down some of these steps:
Step 1 – Developing a strategy with objectives and goals
Developing a strategy using your desired results is key to achieving the outcomes you require. When assessing which social media platforms your brand should have a presence on, we need to first evaluate your brand’s objectives and target market.

The team of experts at #HelloYes Marketing will guide you through this process and recommend the best approach to social media platforms for your brand specifically.

It then needs to be established if your brand is better suited for one or all of the following platforms:
– Facebook
– Instagram
– TikTok
– LinkedIn
– Twitter
– WhatsApp

Step 2 – Company research both internally and externally
Once you have identified and established your brand’s objectives, target market and communication pillars, a campaign to achieve your goals should be established.

At #HelloYes Marketing each client receives a strategic marketing campaign that is personalised to your brand’s identity and goals to ensure the greatest results are achieved and that the campaign meets the KPIs established by you, the client.

Step 3 – Develop a communication and channel strategy with key pillars
The next step in setting up a successful social media strategy is identifying what campaign you want to run on social media.

Whether your brand wants a digital marketing approach that offers an always-on solution or requires a once-off long or short-term campaign there are multiple campaign options to choose from.

The campaign you run will depend on your brand’s objective, goals and KPIs. The specialised team and ever-evolving approach at #HelloYes Marketing can assist your brand, from conceptualisation to execution of each campaign, offering you peace of mind that your results will be #achieved.

Paid media
Paid media on social media platforms offers an opportunity to expand your social media results beyond organic statistics. Paid media can run on multiple social media platforms, giving brands a chance to reach a larger audience and a range of target audiences.

Paid media presents brands with multiple campaign options so that they are able to optimise their campaigns to reach targeted KPIs. Paid media can be used to increase sales, brand awareness and engagement.

#HelloYes Marketing has a team of paid media specialists who have extensive knowledge of paid media campaigns on social media platforms and are dedicated to ensuring your KPIs are accomplished, if not overachieved.

Tips on social media marketing:

To ensure successful social media marketing across social media platforms we suggest you do the following:
– Say Hello to #HelloYes Marketing
– Establish your social media objectives with us
– Create a personalised campaign targeted at achieving your objectives

#HelloYes Marketing is available to provide expertise – allow us to elevate your social media presence and create successful social media strategies.

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