The Digital Natives


The Digital Natives: On the 16th of June 1976 our country experienced the ground shaking Soweto youth uprising, and 42 years later we are experiencing one of a different kind.

We all know that we live in the Information Age, but have you met the digital natives!? Consuming, producing, marketing and breathing information, these are the new members, and they own this realm! Who are they? They are products of the old masters and the new millennium, creating communities and thriving digital economies while forming their own tribes across the globe.

With their daily lives immersed in a media-rich environment, their attitudes and values are different from their predecessors and seem to be influenced by their digital communities however not homogeneous. Social media has played a significant role in getting rid of inhibitions and liberating young voices. It has allowed them the platform to voice their opinions on anything and EVERYTHING! They now come to the table during political and world economic discussions, even if it’s to contribute a ‘lol’ and can be film and fashion critics should the need ever arise! Is there anything they can’t do? I mean who else could be a model, run five boutiques, teach and trade Forex ALL from the comfort of their bedroom!?

Trust us when we say the digital natives are not here to play, the same fire that burnt in the hearts of the class of ’76 still burns in them through their fingers, typing hashtags that started global movements and discussions such as the Arab Spring, #BlackLivesMatter, and #MeToo! Don’t ever be mistaken, the fire without a doubt still burns.

We could start giving lectures about the dangers and anti-social nature of social media, but today…today we celebrate, celebrate how far we’ve come as well as how connected, loud and visible we’ve become.